Number Round-Up TM
The challenging game where the world's smartest tiny horses gallop and leap with your numbers.

the free Number Round-Up Web-based version in any browser.
It works with touch and mouse and is beautiful in Safari on iPad.
Number Round-Up is a different kind of math and logic game. Designed by an expert math teacher and award-winning game designer, Number Round-Up is NOT another drill and memorization game. Instead this game helps kids (and adults) deepen their understanding of number theory.

Experiment! Think hard! Have fun!

This full version includes 4 levels with 3 games in each and 3 built-in challenges. Plus, you can create unlimited custom challenges for many more hours of fun and discovery!

One player can enjoy Number Round-Up but the game also works great with two players cooperating to win. Families love it!

Check out the FAQs, Hints and Ideas for enrichment activities:
  • Original Game Design, Graphics and Code: Marcia Burrows, The Logical Woman
  • Quality Control: Janet Mott-Snider
  • Game Advisers: Janet Mott-Snider, Gabriel Martinez, Devin Burrows, Elizabeth Sims

    Number Round-Up Music
  • Freesound "Western Theme" by juskiddink
  • Coming Soon
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