Number Round-Up
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created by LogicalGameStudio
First, name both corrals.
You can experiment with many corral combinations.
Once you've chosen corral names, start a Round-Up!

Your horse will gallop your number to the area where it belongs:
Left or Intersection or Right or Outside.
Try to send numbers into all four areas!
Left and Right corral names have been chosen secretly! Round-Up! some numbers. See where they belong.
Then Guess the hidden names to win!
Remember the Level 1 corral names:
Each number you send is added
to your score.
Gather a high score,
Guess the hidden names
and Win White Ribbons!

Welcome to Level 2! Take a look at the New corral names!

Experiment with these to prepare for Mystery Round-Up.

Are you ready for the Level 2 Mystery Round-Up?
Send your horses and Guess the hidden corral names!
Make a high score for your
Yellow Ribbons!

Check out these Level 3 corral names!

Time to practice up for Mystery Round-Up!.

Send your horses in the Level 3 Mystery Round-Up!
Then Guess the hidden corral names!
Win some fancy Red Ribbons!

These are corral names.

Choose two and get started!

top prize!
Name the left corral:
Name the right corral:
Guess the left corral name:
Guess the right corral name:

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Howdy Partners! Welcome to
Number Round-Up

First as Wranglers, you'll EXPERIMENT with naming corrals.
Then you'll join a Mystery Round-Up to DEDUCE the secret corral names.
And finally, you'll go all out for a high SCORE in a Ribbons Round!

Don't hold your horses!

Send your numbers galloping and jumping into the corrals!

created by LogicalGameStudio