Number Round-Up TM

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"My grandson uses up all his 'screen time' playing Number Round-Up everytime we get together. He loves it!"
   —Midwestern Grandmother

"This game teaches so much more than logical deduction. There are elements of number line, skip counting, factoring and the bedrock elements of number theory."
   —Math Teacher

"It has a Pre-K student's enthusiastic seal of approval. Once he understood the instructions and the steps he needed to perform, he started playing on his own. He loves it. Especially being able to choose from multiple options, the graphics are simple and colorful, btw/horses were a great choice, and the instructions were easy to follow. I like it, the boy likes it. I think its a cool learning tool!"
   —Homeschool Parent

"It's great AND a result, I spent far too much time just playing around with it just for fun! I like the indirect approach requiring people to think and learn without being taught. The different styles of play will get people to cover the same territory again from a different perspective and so really internalize the learning."
   —International Business Leader

"I LOVE the way the little horses carry your numbers to a corral and the sweet little noises they make!"
   —Another Homeschool Parent

"I won my first game! This game is messing with my head!!!!! I look forward to hearing my grandson's reaction."
   —Another Grandmother

"I've asked the computer teacher at my son's school to use the game in class."
   —Father of a Gifted 7-Year Old

"It helps your maths skills and it is a bit of fun and it's always important to learn in fun ways where possible."
   —12 Year-Old Girl in Ireland

"Loved the Number Round Up game. What total fun. I love how the horses jump the fence and the gentle reminder to get something out of the corrals, very counterintuitive to rockheads like me."
   —Boys and Girls Club Volunteer

"I like imagining children printing and papering their bedroom walls with the buckles and ribbons they earn during the game."
   —Game Designer and Playtester